Advanced Reviews Pro

    Advanced Reviews Pro plugins adds a lot to WooCommerce reviews ecosystem. The code for this plugin can be found on GitHub.

    Reviews Summary

    This feature shows a histogram table with a summary of reviews on a product page. You can click on any star rating to filter the results.

    Manual Reviews

    This feature enables user to add a review manually from admin dashboard.
    It has all the possible review properties and can be posted as an existing user or a guest.

    User can also define:

    • Rating
    • Images
    • Videos
    • targeted product
    • comment date
    • Comment text
    • User URL
    • User email
    • User name
    • Select existing user
    • Total votes

    Vote for reviews

    Enable visitors to vote on reviews left by your customers. It works like Reddit downvoting/upvoting.

    It is possible to allow admin to have unlimited votes for all the reviews.

    Option to sort reviews by total votes.

    It only allows user to vote once per review. If the user is not logged in, it uses IP address and cookie to remember the past voting.

    Review Images

    Enable customers to attach images to reviews. Admin can also add custom images on a review.

    It is possible to define total images to upload and total image size to avoid server overload.

    Images can be open in a lightbox view just like the product photos.

    Review Videos

    Enable customers to attach videos to reviews. Admin can also add custom videos on a review.

    It is possible to define total videos to upload and total video size to avoid server overload.


    Prevent SPAM by enabling reCAPTCHA v2 for reviews.
    Get API key pair (site key and secret key) from

    Review Reminder

    Receive more authentic reviews from your real customers by sending automated invitations to submit a review. You will receive feedback from customers who never bother to answer surveys or submit reviews.

    Automatic review reminder – Admin defines a sending delay after the order has been completed.
    Manual review reminder – Admin can send a manual reminder from order page in admin.

    It is possible to exclude products, categories or tags from this feature.

    Fully customizable email template. FielVariablesds that can be used are:
    {site_title} – Site title
    {customer_first_name} – Billing first name
    {customer_last_name} – Billing last name
    {customer_full_name} – Billing full name
    {order_id} – Order ID
    {list_of_products} – List of products from order to review
    {review_link} – Link to review all purchased products, one after another. With this link user gets redirected after each review. There is also a notice that notify user about the redirection.
    {order_date} – Order date

    Coupon for Review

    Enable generation of discount coupons for customers who provide reviews. Only works for users with existing account.
    Stimulate your customers to leave reviews and increase their lifetime value by offering discount codes. Send coupons to customers who reviewed their purchases to keep them engaged with your shop. It will help to increase repeat purchases and up-sells.

    It is possible to offer a coupon after user finishes with {review_link} from “Review Reminder”.

    It is possible to use existing coupon or create a new random generated coupon for each customer/reviewer.

    It is possible to limit coupon to the user’s email address.

    Fully customizable email template. Variables that can be used are:
    {coupon} – Coupon code
    {site_title} – Site title
    {user_first_name} – User first name (Customer if in “Review Reminder”)
    {user_last_name} – User last name (Customer if in “Review Reminder”)
    {user_full_name} – User full name (Customer if in “Review Reminder”)
    {user_display_name} – User display name (Customer full name if in “Review Reminder”)
    {coupon_expiration_date} – Coupon expiration datetime
    {reviewed_product_name} – Product that has been reviewed (“Ordered products” if in “Review Reminder”)

    Import Reviews

    This feature will automatically create reviews in WooCommerce based on a CSV file.

    CSV header fields:

    • * Product ID: product or variation id
    • Rating: Rating from 1 to 5.
    • Date: Date of the review. Format: 2000-07-13 08:15:53
    • Total Votes: Total votes for review. Visible if voting enabled.
    • Images: Images separated by comma. Can be image id from media library or url – gets downloaded to media library.
    • Videos: Videos separated by comma. Only works with video id from media library.
    • Author ID: User id
    • Author Name: Author Name
    • Author Email: Author Email
    • Author URL: Author URL